Caribbean Diving

Diving in the Caribbean offers dramatic walls, prolific sponge and coral, world famous wrecks and a plethora of marine life, all mixed in with that legendary island vibe.

Caribbean diving can be incredibly varied depending on which island you chose dive, our options include the Caribbean’s Wreck Diving Capital – Grenada Tobago with its thrilling drift diving.

Some of the clearest waters can be found when Caribbean Diving, offering simply amazing views for hundreds of metres even underwater.  A wide array of marine life supplies a wide range of different amazement's for all kinds of diving enthusiasts. 

Don’t miss out on a Caribbean Diving experience, one that you will never forget!

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Caribbean Diving Destinations

  Reef Diving Wreck Diving Drift Diving Family Diving Wall Diving High Visibility
Cayman Islands Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Grenada No Yes Yes Yes No No
Tobago Yes No Yes Yes No No
St Lucia Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Barbados No No No No No No

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