Australia Diving

Diving in Australia is an incredible experience not to bemissed by any UK diver, and with so many airlines now offering competitive airfares and good connections there has never been a better time to give AustraliaDiving a go. Australia canboast incredible reef systems with over 4000 species of marine life, sharkdiving, liveaboard diving and the worlds largest living organism – the Great Barrier Reef.

All Tropical Sky Scuba Australia Diving holidays arecompletely tailor made to your individual requirements. Why not combine yourholiday in Australia with astop over in Thailand, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore or Fiji - the options are almostendless and the world truly is your oyster. Ask us to tailor make your dream Australiadiving experience.

Australiais becoming one of the most popular locations around the world to indulge in aspectacular diving holiday, so why not find out what all the fuss is about.

Australia Diving Destinations

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